Helping companies decarbonise their business.
Product designer, 2021-2022
Sweep is a data-driven platform, with powerful collaboration features and user-focused design, it makes it easy for businesses to measure carbon emissions, take action to reduce their carbon footprint, and stay compliant with the latest reporting standards.

I joined the small product design team in the early days of the company and I worked on key features of the product, some of them listed bellow.
Managing supply chain emissions
According to data from the CDP, a company’s value chain emissions are on average 11.4 times greater than those of the company’s own operations.

We’ve build an easy way to estimate the carbon emissions from your suppliers based on industry averages and letting you send online surveys to the bigger emitters to improve the quality of the estimation.
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Surveying companies and employees
Carbon management is a network problem, which requires the joined efforts of your staff and your suppliers.

That’s why we’ve build an internal survey tool that helps you pick from a list of existing templates or create your own custom surveys.
Accurate carbon reports
Your company decarbonisation efforts won’t have any effect if the underlying data is not accurate.

That’s why we’ve added some key metrics to asses how complete and accurate your data is, such as the number of data points for each reported category compared to the percentage of emissions this category represents, as well as if the data is calculated with monetary or physical emission factors
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Managing your contributions to climate-positive projects
Although reducing your emission is the main pillar of the company ESG efforts, contributing to projects that reduce, remove or avoid carbon emissions is a complimentary way to help the global efforts toward low-carbon future.

We offered a large catalogue of climate-positive projects in the platform, indicating the type of the project, type of certification and additional benefits so that you can assess which one aligns best with your company goals.
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Choosing the right emission factor
A common struggle from our clients was selecting the right emission factors, since they have access to multiple large databases which all have very similar emission factors.

We decided to help them by introducing the notion of “Favourites” and “Previously used” emission factors as well as showing a description page with more information about the factor so they can make a decision more easily.
View contribution project details
View contribution project details
View contribution project details
User roles and sharing settings
Collaboration is one of the main features of the platform so we needed to accommodate the needs for large enterprises to manage the access and user roles in the platform, providing them with full customisation and the ability to create new user roles.
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